1502 Sophocles

This is a very significant book: the editio princeps (first appearance in print) of Sophocles' Seven Tragedies: Ajax; Electra; The Women of Trachis; Oedipus Rex; Oedipus at Colonus; & Philoctetes. It is also important as the first Greek text printed in octavo format, as part of Aldus's libelli portatiles. This features Aldus' fourth Greek typeface. The preface suggests that this book includes a commentary, but that didn't appear until a 1518 edition. The Anchor & Dolphin device appears on p 396.

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Seven Tragedies
Short-title (Latin): 
Tragaediae septem
Short-title (Greek): 
Τραγῳδίαι ἑπτά.